Terms and Conditions of Service.


This document holds the terms and conditions of service for e-mail service of Indian Independent Information Centre. This e-mail service is non-profitable service absolutely free. Although there will be advertisement in the service put it is not part of our service. This advertisement is given for maintenance of the service.  The e-mail service of IIIC is one of a kind service and has been found in a survey conducted by Hapsoftware. that is the best service in the world. This service will be available to our esteemed visitors if they agree to the following terms and conditions.


1.        You should not use this mail service for any illegal purpose. If found then your account will be erased.

2.        You must be 13 years or above.

3.        Advertisements provided in the e-mail pages are not part of our service.

4.        Indian Independent Information Centre will not be responsible for any thing.

5.        This service is provided by Indian Independent Information Centre and not other website.

6.        For support e-mail: response@iiic.info

7.        Your name will be listed in our e-mail list.

8.        Terms and Conditions may change without any notice.

9.        Service may be discontinued at any time without any notice.

10.     If you discontinue our service then you must e-mail response@iiic.info with the subject: Discontinue E-mail Service ID: your_e-mail_ID@iiic.info. Warning if you send this e-mail your e-mail will address will be deleted within 72 hours.

11.      The Information you put in the subscription form will not be used for and other purpose. This information is needed to know our subscriber.

12.     Although the e-mail registration is an automated process but still due to increase in traffic the time required for registration in our server may be extended to 24 hours and you may be put in queue. To avoid this, we have divided the registration process into two phases.
                         a.) The filling of registration form by subscriber online.
                         b.) Logon to account after 24 hours.

13.     According to point 12 b.) a subscriber will have to wait 24 hours after online registration before they can logon to their account.

14.      You will be provided with unlimited disk space, but you should delete all you useless e-mail, other wise your email may be rejected by server due to aggregate low level disk space protection system.

15. If found that any user is involved in mass mailing or possible spammer that his account will be suspended permanently.

16. Services partly/completely to any use may be terminated without any notification and with our any reason.

17. IIIC reserved the right to accept or reject application form and any after thorough evolution service/access will be granted to the user. Hence the process of registration to providing service has been extended to 72 hours. And after 72 hours if your account is not activated then you might understand that your application has been rejected. This is a strong step taken to help in stopping spamming in its grass hood level.


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If you agree to the following above terms and conditions than click I agree or click I don't Agree.