History of Assam Medical College & Hospital
The advent  of  Allopathic Medicine in Assam started only after British occupation. Dr. John Berry White retired as Brigadier in 1870 and took over charge  as civil surgeon  of the  Lakhimpur   District. Seeing  the desperate  health  situation,  he took a  momentous  decision to start a medical  school in  the year  1898-99 at  Dibrugarh  Assam,  which was then  the  center  of  industrial  growth, with a  personnel  donation of Rs.50,000  (about 5 million rupees by today's value).  Sir Henery cotten was then the chief  commissioner of  Assam. This  was the  beginning of modern  Medical  Education in  Assam. The  school  had the  fortune of acquiring  two  X-Ray   Machine  One 10MA  and  another  15MA  to the Medical School in  1910 only  25 years  after the monumental discovery of X-Ray by Prof.Ronetgenin1885-86. These two were perhaps the first X-Ray Machine in the  whole country. The Medical School at Dibrugarh was named after Dr. John Berry White. as Berry White Medical School. Initially the Berry White medical school admitted students without any minimum  educational  requisite, mostly  student studying up to class VII and VIII and that too  after  great  deal of  persuasion of local youths to take up Medical studies,  only from 1917 minimum requisite was raised to the Matriculate level. These  licentiate  Doctors along with the few medical graduates from Calcutta  served  Assam  with great dedication and effectiveness  till the  Independence  of the  country.  In  the year 1933, the  Indian  Medical  Council was  formed  and it  took over   the functions  from the General Medical council of Great Britain. The Indian Medical council was unwilling  to recognized the licentiate doctors. The all India Medical  Licentiate  Doctors  Association  was  formed,  which demanded up gradation of the medical Schools to  Medical  colleges. In 1938 its  annual  session  was  held  at  Guwahati,  Lokapriya  Gopinath Bordoloi,  the then  Premier of the Congress Government of Assam, in his inaugural  address  to the  conference conceded on principal to the upgradation  of  Berry  White  medical School to a full-fledged Medical College, as  demanded  by the  Assam   branch of   licentiate   medical practitioners. The Government  soon  formed an  adhoc committee for the purpose with Loka Bandhu Dr. Bhubaneswar Barua, Dr. Ghanashyam Das, Dr.  K. L. Ghosh,  Superintendent of  Bery  white  Medical  School, I.G.C.H. Assam and the Executive  engineer of  Lakhimpur. In 1946 the Bhore Committee recommended  the  abolition of the Medical Schools with their  upgradation to  Medical  Colleges. Thus  ended  the Glorious chapter of the Berry White  Medical  School,  paving  the  way  to the establishment  of the  first  medical  college  in Assam Medical College Dibrugarh on 3rd November 1947.